“Travel, Experience:  These are an education in themselves.” — Euripides

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With a rise in experiential learning, educational tours play a vital role to encourage students to learn from experience. The knowledge students gain through experience will stay on for life and will help to nurture their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Being advocates of hands-on learning, not only do we understand the importance of study beyond the classroom but also how important it is to understand different cultures as well. These experiences are vital for holistic growth.

The study tour experience will provide multiple opportunities to the students and help them gain invaluable knowledge at an early stage in life as we believe that first-hand experiences help the students think critically, boost confidence, and also build awareness about different cultures of the world. 

At Explorador, we are dedicated to provide

Safety and Security

End-to-end Planning

Excellent Programs

Cost-effective Programs

Why choose Explorador and what value we add?


Teach beyond classroom

Extreme safety measures

Top quality programs for your students

End-to-end planning

Custom programs

Visits to top educational institutes 


Global exposure

Cultural immersion

Invaluable experience

Add value to your résumé

Increase cultural competence

Learn through experience


Extreme safety measures

Very affordable

Extra security

Regular updates

End-to-end planning

Invaluable experience to your child

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