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Prices are based on tours that are described in the itinerary for a given tour and include accommodation, ground transport, return international flights, visa, visa guidance, travel sim card, Workshops & seminars, experienced tour leader, insurance, and entrance to places of interest as specified. Prices do not include meals and beverages (unless otherwise mentioned), additional insurance, entrance to places of interest not specified in the program, personal expenses and any additional costs which may be incurred which are not the fault of Explorador Educational Tours. Please note that prices are subject to a surcharge which may arise beyond the control of Explorador Educational Tours if the deadlines are not strictly followed, in case of a surcharge caused by the increased fluctuation of flight pricing, it will be paid by the participants.



1. Payment & Deadlines

The program cost is payable in 2 parts unless otherwise agreed to by Explorador Educational Tours.  The first payment is payable when the student signs up for the program to start the procedure following the deadline for the first payment. The second payment is due following the deadline for the second installment. The participants can pay the whole amount in one installment if they wish to. The total program tariff should be paid 30 days before the tour departure or due date mentioned on the invoice whichever is earlier. The deadline for payment must be followed strictly. If failed to do so, charges for delayed payment will be 500 INR per day. The deadlines for payments will be determined for individual tours.


2. Travel Loans

Explorador Educational Tours will be soon launching loan facilities granted by the banks to the eligible guest/s for any of the program if it fulfills the payment conditions of the tour laid down by us. We are however not responsible/liable for grant/rejection/refund/repayment etc. of such loan facilities.


3. Tour tariff from other cities excluding Mumbai

Tour tariff is based on departure from Mumbai, India, unless specifically mentioned. Participants boarding flights at places other than Mumbai have to pay the entire airfare difference and bear and pay any other additional expenses including airport transfers, hotel stay, etc. on that account. Similarly, participants boarding flights from Mumbai will have to bear the cost or any other additional expenses including hotel stay, flight, train, bus, etc. traveling from the city of origin to Mumbai.


4. Reimbursement to Explorador Educational Tours of payment due and payable by the participant but made on his/her/their behalf by Explorador Educational Tours

Over and above the tour tariff paid by the participants if Explorador Educational Tours pays any money for and on behalf of the participants as per the requirement under law or otherwise, the same shall be reimbursed by the concerned participants to us forthwith on demand by us.


5. Non-payment of full tour tariff 

If full tour tariff is not paid as per terms & conditions, Explorador Educational Tours reserves the right to cancel the booking/registration with consequent forfeiture of deposit/advance amount/entire part payment made to us and/or the deduction of cancellation charges, at the discretion of us.

6. Persons other than those booked

Persons, friends or relatives of the participants, who have not booked the tour shall not be allowed in hotel rooms, restaurants, coaches and sightseeing places or for any activity on the tour.



Explorador Educational Tours is entitled to claim its compensation generally as a percentage of the full tour price according to the following breakdown and the time left between the withdraw and start of the trip. The visa application fee is non-refundable. The flight tickets will be refundable depending on the criteria of the airline booked from and the refund received from the airline after cancellation charges.

Days before Departure                 Money refunded

45 Days and more                                  70 %

45 - 30 Days                                            50 %

30 - 15 Days                                            20 %

15 – 0 Days                                             05 %



Refunds if any, for variation/modification/amendments/alteration and/or cancellations, etc. of any tour shall be paid directly to the participant’s account through bank transfer. 


No refund shall be payable

1. For any missed/unused services of the tour including the meals due to whatsoever reason.

2. Where full deposit is required to be paid in advance to the concerned authorities to enable us to confirm the reservation.

3. If the services of the tour are modified, varied, amended, canceled or not utilized by the participant.

4. If any participant decides and/or is required to cancel the tour due to any changes made in the rules by the concerned Government.

5. Where Airfares are contracted in bulk for Airport to Airport.

6. If the tour is indefinitely postponed/canceled due to natural calamity, riots, political calamities or any other unforeseen calamities.

7. Refund is not applicable for Indian/domestic sectors and on certain conditions which include that such air tickets are non-refundable and date change is not allowed.

8. Explorador Educational Tours is not liable to pay any amount in case the visa is not received by the participant and/or us within time. We have to depend on various agents to do the processing work. In case a participant misses out the tour because of the curtailed itinerary, they cannot claim any amount from us. Since, grant/non-grant of vis and also communication of information in respect of grant/non-grant of visa is beyond our control, the participant should be mentally prepared for any mental/physical dismay as a result of non-grant of visas and/or delayed communication which maybe just before departure of the tour or on the tour itself.

9. For no shows, no refund can be given.




Passport is an official document required whenever participants intend to travel abroad and in addition, the participants should have a visa of that particular country which they want to visit. Before submission of the passport to Explorador Educational Tours for obtaining visa, participants have to ensure that passport validity is minimum 180 days from the arrival/conclusion date of the tour in India and it has sufficient blank pages, which should not be damaged/stapled/torn etc. for recording the visas of the respective countries. All participants booking tours for the Europe sector shall ensure that the year of issue on their passport shall be after 01/01/2001.


Loss of Passport

Participants traveling abroad shall take care of not losing their passport. Loss of passport on tour involves costs and consequences such as filing FIR, visiting the Indian Embassy, getting a new passport or landing certificate, expenses on the stay, food, transportation, etc. all of which have to be borne and paid by the concerned participant only. Getting the landing certificate or the new passport is the sole responsibility of the participant with the help of the faculty member/chaperone. Tour leader is not responsible or liable or under obligation, for the loss of passport and consequences thereof. Entire consequential expenses shall be borne by the participant. Any other guest accompanying the participant who has lost the passport wishes to terminate the tour intermittently shall also be responsible to meet the related/consequential expenses etc. No further refund shall be given for the guest leaving the tour abruptly.



The participant interested in going abroad must have a valid Visa to travel to that country. Visa is the short form of 'Visitors Intending To Stay Abroad' and means the valid permission granted by the Government of a country without which the participants cannot visit/travel to that country. We assist in documentation and submission of application for visa by forwarding them to the respective embassies and consulates on the dates as pre-defined by the concerned authority. Delay in the submission of information for visa application may cause a hold-up on the granting of visa in time. Participants are solely responsible if they do not submit information for the visa causing hindrance to the visa process.


Explorador Educational Tours also guides participants for UK and US visa documentation and taking the interview date for visas. The visa fees charged to the participants shall be at the rates prevailing as on the date of submission of documents to the Embassy or Consulate. Despite submitting all relevant documents or attending a personal interview, granting of visa is at the sole discretion of the Embassy or Consulate. We shall not be responsible for any errors in the date of visa granted or delay in granting visa or scanned photographs by the concerned authority. Guest shall be responsible for the specifications of the photograph provided by different Consulate. No embassy or consulate gives any reason for not granting a visa and/or with refusal stamp on passport depending upon embassies to embassies and consulates. We, therefore, shall not provide any reason why a person is not granted a visa. We also can not give any reason why a particular person was granted a visa as the same is at the discretion of the embassy or consulate of respective countries. Delay in the submission of visa documents or rejection of visa is the sole discretion of the concerned embassy over which we have no control. All costs and charges in respect of the said application for the visa shall be borne by the participants only. If the participant cancels a tour due to not granting of visa and/or for any other reasons whatsoever, the cancellation charges shall be paid by the participant and any fines, penalties or any such payments arising due to not meeting with the requirements of any airport or government authorities including passport or visa documents, are to be paid by the participant. 


Mandatory Documents (For All Tours)

  1. Passport with 180 days validity from arrival date in India after the tour - check names and blank pages for VISAs as per requirement.

  2. Duly signed & filled VISA forms by each guest as per Passport signature & details. 

  3. Personal Covering letter stating the purpose of the travel -  along with financial/ sponsorship details. Sometimes due to load factor at the embassies and consulates, the VISA processing takes a long time and in a few cases, visa is not granted before the tour departure or it is delayed. In such cases, Explorador Educational Tours as a facilitator shall not be responsible for any consequences and/or liable for any refund. Incomplete and non-submission of visa documents shall be the responsibility of participants only.


Participants’ Responsibility

It shall be the sole responsibility of the participants to hold required valid travel documents and statutory clearances, including passports, visas, confirmed travel tickets, insurance including medical insurance certificates, any other document used to confirm the services of tour including an arrangement with independent contractor and other statutory certificates, to enable him/her to undertake tour. All travel documents are non-transferable and must be issued in the name of the passport/photo identity holder, otherwise, the booking may be canceled. Passport must be valid from the start of the tour to at least 180 days subsequent to the scheduled arrival date of the tour - subject to rules of the specific visa embassy or consulate. The participants shall ensure timely collection of all such documents enabling them to undertake tour and be present in time for departure. Participants should keep certified true copies and photocopies of all documents including valid travel documents and statutory clearances, including passports, visas, confirmed travel tickets, insurance including medical insurance certificates, any other document used to confirm the services of tour including an arrangement with independent contractor and other statutory certificates, used by him/her while on tour. Participants are requested to arrive at the airport 3 to 4 hours prior to departure as per airline guidelines.


Photo identification

All participants traveling by air for Indian/domestic sectors are advised to carry the photo identification in the form of driving license, election ID card, Aadhar Card, PAN card and for students their school/ college ID card. At certain sightseeing places/hotels, the identification proof is required for which we have no control and is mandatory. All participants are required to carry photo identification as required by the rules & regulations of that concern country. Such rules vary from time to time and country to country and available on the official website of the countries. International tour participants must carry their passport as proof of identification.


Force Majeure Situations

1. In case of force majeure conditions, Explorador Educational Tours reserves the right to change/modify/vary/alter the tour itinerary and/or tour tariff accordingly. Such changes shall be intimated to participants, prior to the start of the tour or on tour as the case may be. Additional charges, if any, due to such changes, etc. over and above the tour tariff have to be paid by the participants before or on tour itself as the case may be. No complaints/compensations and/or claiming of excess refunds beyond the provided refund by us - if any - by the participants shall be entertained by us for limitation and/or nonavailability of certain services beyond the control of Explorador Educational Tours  including museums, restaurants, sightseeing, shopping, etc. though included in tour itinerary. 


2. Due to certain unavoidable circumstances, other than force majeure conditions, if any day of tour is curtailed/any sightseeing missed/any other services not being provided due to some reason from our end, then Explorador Educational Tours shall be liable to refund the participants, only that portion of the tour amount arrived at for that missed day/missed sightseeing/missed services. However, participants are requested not to demand any other payment over and above (if any) as then shall be made by us in this regard.



Explorador Educational Tours reserve the right to deny carriage of passengers. Anyone who becomes aggressive, continually disobeys requests from the driver or tour guide, causes or likely to cause danger, distress, or upset any third party or damage to property will risk being removed from the tour.  If you are removed from the tour it will be your responsibility to arrange and pay for your return transport. In such a situation, the participant(s) concerned will be required to immediately leave the accommodation, transport, or excursion. We will not bear any further responsibility towards such participant nor issue any refunds resulting from their conduct.



Explorador Educational Tours does not carry passengers under the age of 18 years of age unless they are accompanied by an adult (over 18) who has been given authority to act as the legal guardian. Parents of passengers under the age of 18 should be given full details about the trip and must sign a consent form before their child can take part in the trip. Parents should also give authorization to the faculty member traveling with them for emergency medical treatment. It is also the responsibility of the faculty member to complete a risk assessment form and issue a copy to their school leadership. 




Participants hereby acknowledge that all the participants who have booked the program have gone through the itinerary and are well aware of the same and all the participants are medically fit to undertake the said program. Explorador Educational Tours reserves the right to ask the participants to provide written certification of their medical fitness before departure. The persons who are medically fit to undertake the said programs shall only join the said tour. Participants who are and/or who have suffered from any ailments for which they have taken medical treatment and/or have gone into check-up and/or hospitalization shall join the program at their own risk. Whenever on tour, in case of any health emergency or health-related issues, the participant shall solely be responsible to make their own arrangements on the tour for medical assistance. Participants shall not expect the tour manager to pay full-time attention and/or to provide any medical treatment. It is possible that the tour manager may be busy in his work for making arrangements for the rest of the group. Participants shall solely be responsible for any health-related issues and arrangement of medical aid if any.


Health Requirements and Special Requests

It is the responsibility of the faculty member to ensure all participants are in good health prior to departing and have all the necessary travel and health documents required for their chosen destination. Should any participant of your group need any special health requirements, it is the faculty member/institution’s responsibility to notify us of this during booking or immediately in writing once it has become known to them.


We will endeavor to deal with any special requests relating to health requirements. We cannot guarantee, however, that we will be able to fulfill every request and failure to fulfill such a request will not constitute a breach of contract on the part of Explorador Educational Tours.


If any participant of your group has any medical condition or disability which may affect their own participation or the group’s tour, it is the responsibility of the faculty member/chaperone/participating institution in charge to inform us with full details at the time of booking.  We reserve the right to refuse participation in any tour by any individual who we may deem unhealthy enough to travel or we are unable to accommodate sufficiently enough because of their medical condition. Should Explorador Educational Tours not be notified prior to departure of any special requirements or existing health conditions which may lead to medical treatment, hospitalization, or any additional service, all costs relating to this will be borne by the participant or the participating institution in charge/faculty member/chaperone/participant’s relative.


Participants with medical ailments

If any participant is suffering from any medical ailment and has concealed the same, Explorador Educational Tours reserves the right to cancel the booking/registration of such participant on medical and/or other grounds without assigning reasons therefor. We also reserve the right to restrict/modify/ amend the tour of such participants without assigning any reasons. If we direct, the participants shall have to travel by a separate transport at an additional cost to be paid by participants immediately. The participant suffering from any disease at the time of booking/registration is required to provide the doctor's fitness certificate to undertake the tour. In case of death of a participant, all the arrangements for transportation of dead body including procuring the death certificate, postmortem, repatriation of the dead body and all personal effects/property and insurance claims, etc. shall be made by the accompanying faculty member/chaperone and/or relative of the deceased. We shall make all endeavors to extend any help but cannot guarantee the same. The entire expenses shall be borne by the accompanying faculty member/chaperone or their relatives. Explorador Educational Tours or any tour leader shall not be responsible for the same. If any of the relatives want to visit the country where the participant has passed away all the necessary arrangements shall be made by the said relatives only.


Tour Leaders/assistants are there to assist the participants throughout the tour, they are not responsible for participants’ baggage or any kind of personal belongings. On the entire tour the participants are to be responsible and carry the baggage on their own. The instructions and information of the tour, are to be followed in the group tours and tour leaders are not responsible for any instructions overruled by the participants and its consequences. 


Participants are responsible for their own baggage. The baggage at the airport, during any air travel, in coaches, in any train journey, at immigration points, etc., participants have to verify and be responsible for the same. The porterage or tips for services rendered to carry participants' baggage to the rooms is the participants' responsibility and has to be paid directly to the service provider. 



Airlines are solely responsible for overbooking of seats by the Airline, failure to provide meal as required by the participants’ choice, meals offered by the airline/quality of meal, loss of baggage by the airline, failure on the part of airline to accommodate participants despite having confirmed tickets, flight delay, change in date or time, no permission to board on flight by airlines, etc. and no claim of whatsoever nature shall be made by the participants against Explorador Educational Tours. In case of any increase in airport taxes/airport development fees payable to the respective airport shall be borne and payable by participants. All the booking/cancellation/change of the airline ticket and the travel on such airline tickets shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the respective airlines. High season surcharge as per the rules of the airline concerned has to be paid by the participants. Any increase in airfare, airport taxes, visa charges, fuel surcharges after the booking/registration shall have to be paid by the participants. Air ticket cancellation charges plus deposit forfeit charges as are applicable under the rules of the concerned airline are to be paid by participants immediately in the event of cancellation of the tour by participants. In case of multiple air tickets - eg: to and fro - issued for the tour under single PNR, the participants are responsible to pay full charges and shall not claim any additional cancellation charges, as per airline rules, in case of “no show” for any particular sector - missing any of the flights. However, we endeavor to provide the best alternative services on a chargeable basis to ensure the safety and benefit of the participants. Explorador Educational Tours shall be the only service facilitator in case of all international air departure and flight connectivity. Any post-program or pre-program of participants in personal nature shall be the responsibility of participants only.



We endeavor to place accurate, relevant, and up to date content on this site at all times. However, Explorador Educational Tours assumes no liability or responsibility for any omissions or errors in the content.


We will not accept responsibility for any personal illness, injury or death which results from the negligent (as the word is defined by English law) acts, or omissions of any supplier working on our behalf within their scope of employment.


We regret we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the execution of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected as a result of ‘Force Majeure’.  This means we or any supplier of a service in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Events such as war, civil unrest, actual or threatened terrorist activity, industrial action, natural or nuclear disasters, adverse weather conditions, fire and similar events outside our control are classified as ‘Force Majeure’.



1. Complaints or Grievances
If the participant has any claim, grievance and/or complaint in respect of services provided by any of the independent contractors, the participant shall immediately notify the same to the independent contractor in writing, and a copy thereof is handed over to the tour leader/manager/assistant and/or to Explorador Educational Tours not later than 7 days thereof to enable us to take up the matter with the concerned independent contractor.


2. Privacy of Information
Any information furnished by the participants to the tour leader/manager/assistant and/or Explorador Educational Tours is subject to disclosure thereof as required by law or by an order of a court or the rules, regulations, and inquiry by any government/statutory authority. We shall not disclose any data of its own under any circumstances to any participant including any kind of clarification on itinerary, tour costs, cancellation charges, etc.


3. Photographs or Video Clips
Explorador Educational Tours reserves the right to use photographs/video clips of the participant taken on tour and/or given by the participant, for promotion of our business without obtaining the prior permission of the concerned participants. Such photographs/video clips can be used on any media with due respect for emotions/sentiments of the participant.


4. Reference Call
Explorador Educational Tours reserves the right to refer the participant, on request, to prospective Explorador Educational Tours for promotion of our business. Further, we are authorized to send transactional as well as promotional SMS/email/phone calls.


5. Valuables
Explorador Educational Tours advises participants not to carry valuable items to the extent possible with them on tour and invariably carry such items, if any, with them while leaving the hotel for whatever reasons and not to keep any valuables, money or important travel documents, etc. in the suitcase. Better keep them in safe deposit lockers. In case of any loss suffered by the participants, we are not liable or responsible for the same.


6. Shopping
Shopping is one of the important activities of any tour and an experience in itself. All participants are hereby made aware that we neither recommend nor promote any specific shop or vendor for shopping purposes. We understand that the participants are wise enough to decide what to buy and where to buy. It is the sole discretion of the participant. Hence, we do not take any responsibility or liability in case of any cheating or misleading by the shop owner.


7. External guest(s) not allowed
External guests/relatives are not to be invited on tour by any participant and they are not allowed to use any of the services of the tour.


8. Paid Toilets
At some places/destinations/countries, there are paid toilet halts, which participants have to be taken care on their own.


9. Jurisdiction
All disputes pertaining to the tour and any claim arising thereunder shall be subject to a Court of competent jurisdiction at Mumbai only.



Explorador Educational Tours understands that not all groups are the same and that some participants may require special accommodation on your educational tour. These special needs may result from disability, culture, diet, religion, behavioral difficulties, etc. Explorador Educational Tours can help accommodate any special needs with prior warning.


Should you have any such requirements, please inform us during the inquiry stage of your trip.


We will discuss with you the details and options and you will be asked to confirm the special needs in writing. Once we receive this we will then write back to you and confirm what we will be able to provide with respect to the special facilities you require.


After confirmation is received, we will be able to proceed with the booking.



If you are dissatisfied with any part of your tour we want to hear about it. We strive to ensure the highest possible standard of customer satisfaction at all times and that all tours go according to plan and as you expect. Should you feel that you were misled, cheated, or misinformed at any time please contact at hola@eduexplorador.com.



The images on this website are not a property of Explorador Educational Tours (except for watermarked images with the logo of Explorador Educational Tours) but of the copyright owner. We respect the intellectual property rights of the owners and if you believe that infringement of your copyrights has occurred by our use of the images and would like to have them altered or removed then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will take whatever action necessary for the removal or alteration of the challenged images on our website.

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